Art Ventures

In 1987 Roma Babuniak founded the Studio Galerie in Gmund, Germany showing artists such as Vladimir Strelnikov  a member of the Odessa Group, Soviet Nonconformist Artists, and German expressionist Georg Dudek.

Demands of her own career brought a temporary halt to the Studio Galerie  which was relaunched in 2009 and focused on the concept of contemporary international artists from Germany and Japan: Christian Heß, Takao Inoue, Herbert Klee, Albert Lohr, Akashi Murakami, Birgitte Neiser, Christine Ott, Angelika Sieger, Georg Thumbach and others.

2001- 2009 she founded and curated “Windows for Show” in Tegernsee, Germany which was sponsored by Prof. Dr. Theo W. Jensen. This was an innovative concept which brought together six interregional artists who exhibited together for 3 months in an environment not traditionally associated with art exhibitions, but which promoted direct exposure to the public.

Roma Babuniak was a member of the AK Art Society in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany from 1998-2014. From 2008 until 2013 she served on the Board, and on the consulting panel. In this time, she was instrumental in instigating the exhibitions of Albert Lohr, Christine Ott with Christian Heß and Stephanie Müller.

She has served as a jury member on national and international art exhibitions and competitions.

Since 2014, she was involved in the founding and curating of a newly built, international gallery in Kalamunda in Western Australia which was opened in May 2016 by the then Minister for Culture and the Arts, John Day.